Veera Sandiparthi

Veera Sandiparthi

President & CEO

Mr.Veera Sandiparthi is a successful entrepreneur brings 18 years of experience with technology solutions and delivering secure integrated enterprise solutions across a variety of industries including financial, healthcare, technology, and federal.  Over the past 5 years, Veera has become an industry expert with identity and access management and cloud identity security integrating today’s leading technologies for Fortune 2000 companies. Mr. Veera serves as the President and CEO of AccessQuint LLC.

Prior to AccessQuint, as the InfraMatix Inc Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Veera is involved with being a thought leader in the area of cloud identity security and identity analytics defining the strategic vision for the company. Veera spent over 10 years of his career as the Chief Architect working in both government and commercial sector delivering secure and complex integrated IDM systems built upon technologies that are some of today’s leading-edge security systems.

He is passionate about technology and pursues life with an adventurous belief that any obstacle may be overcome. Veera is committed to the growth of ideas that transform dreams into reality helping those around him grow as a team. He’s a firm believer in the Vince Lombardi saying: “If you pursue perfection, excellence will be achieved.”


Veera Sandiparthi


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