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"Discover the difference that AccessQuint can make for your understaffed company, and learn why our proprietary personnel recruitment can elevate your business!”

We Serve as the Medium between Companies and Skilled Professionals across industries, Bringing Them Together and Ensuring the Perfect Fit. Our consulting and staffing agency comprehends the growing need for talented trainees, graduates, and professionals across the industries. Over the years, we have collaborated with a wide range of companies and businesses of all sizes and candidates, specializing in the following areas:

IT Staffing

Through our Information Technology staffing services, we help companies find talented IT professionals to fill roles in their company and work with them to further their goals and objectives.

Healthcare IT Staffing

Our Healthcare division is laser focused on delivering low-cost and efficient staffing solutions. We fill Non-Clinical and Allied Healthcare IT jobs for clients all over the USA.


Industrial Staffing

We specialize in delivering resources for clerical, light industrial, manufacturing, customer service/ call center, administrative, warehouse production labor, shipping/ receiving categories.

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Through our staffing services, we help companies find talented professionals to fill roles in their company and work with them to further their goals and objectives.

Every area of specialization requires primary skills and knowledge of specific technologies, tools, and software. For this reason, we do not center our search for the most capable candidate for companies locally, but also expand it globally.

We work for both businesses and candidates, giving each of them our equal and undivided attention

We have a promise to keep with both parties, helping both of them find each other. For businesses that engage our recruiting services, we provide them with motivated, intelligent, and trained IT professionals. For candidates, we provide them access to the best companies in the IT sector while guiding and advising them along the way.

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Our Staffing Services for Companies

  • Discuss the type of candidate the company requires

  • Determine the company’s culture, goals, and objectives

  • Search in our pool of candidates for the ideal IT professional

  • Provide you with the ideal employee or employees within the agreed budget and timeline

We will provide you with a replacement employee in the event your new employee fails to meet your expectations at no extra charge within your expected timeframe. However, the employee not working out for the company is rare.

Since we receive applicants from all the over the world, we are able to meet the company’s specified requirements in terms of domain, role, level of expertise, and technology, tools, and software knowledge.

Our Security Staffing Services for Candidates

  • Determine your career aspirations

  • Search for employment opportunities in your specified sector within the IT industry

  • Prepare you for interviews

  • Provide you with tips to use deliver a winning interview


We help candidates secure jobs in the IT industry by placing them successfully in sectors such as application development, network infrastructure, information security, digital and creative, identity managed services, and business intelligence.

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Our mission is to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships between IT professionals and companies. Contact Us today to learn more.