How to Attract New Talents to Manage IT Security Staffing Shortage

How to Attract New Talents to Manage IT Security Staffing Shortage

Cybercriminals are always lurking around. They are just waiting for the right opportunity to strike, so companies should look for skilled IT security professionals. However, the demand for trained professionals exceeds the number of currently qualified individuals. This forces companies to work harder in order to hire top IT security talents. Here are some tips to help you attract skilled talents to your company.


If you want to stand out, you should consider offering incentives such as extra paid days off and opportunities to work remotely. Many cyber security professionals know what they are worth, so they would definitely look for something rewarding. They want to work in challenging and exciting areas of cyber security and get the right compensation for it.

Improve Your Social Presence

You should take advantage of your social presence to attract young talents, especially fresh-out-of-college applicants. Try to start conversations with prospective applicants on professional and social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Cyber security pros will be more wary about their interactions online, but this can help you connect with entry-level talents and trained professionals.

Forget About a Bachelor’s Degree

Provide Incentives

In some cases, there’s no need to require a Bachelor’s degree. If the applicant can prove that he’s proficient in the skills you’re looking for, you should consider hiring them. Working with an online recruiting firm can help you find the best talents that will be a great addition to your IT team. If you can offer a decent salary, autonomy, an excellent place to work and challenging problems, you will attract good candidates. You can create virtual job listings, company videos, and webinars that showcase your products and areas of expertise. Participating in cyber security conferences and security meetups can also help you find cyber security professionals.

If you already have young, enthusiastic IT talents working with your company, you should mentor and develop them into experienced cyber security professionals. Help them realize their potential to grow and engage in challenging tasks. You can do this by providing training, mentoring and education. There are local and online cyber security training providers that can help you train your staff. You can also send entry-level talents to cyber security meetups and conferences.

The most important thing that you should always remember is to be patient. Use the IT staffing shortage as a chance to develop new hiring and recruiting strategies. Your competitors are also struggling to find the right people from the same pool of available talents. Find unique ways to get in front of great talents, and you will definitely discover the gems hidden within a large pool of applicants.