Getting The Interview Even If You Are Unqualified

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, job candidates often struggle to make themselves memorable and showcase their talents or potential contributions. These hurdles can be the result of a lack of work experience relevant to the job, among many other factors.

If you are finding it difficult to stand out in your own job search, you may want to begin to change your strategy and way of approaching potential employers. Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Showcase Relevant and Transferable Skill: Regardless of your training or educational background, you probably have a few skills that can be transferred from industry to industry, position to position. Leadership, customer service, communicative and public speaking skills, and collaborative skills are all transferable and can be highlighted to employers. It is also helpful to include situations in which you have been able to use these skills in the workplace or elsewhere. Additionally, while looking at a job posting or description, identify which of your existing skills can be applied to the listed requirements and reflect on instances you’ve used those skills.
  • Make Use of Your Cover Letter: Cover letters are a great opportunity to showcase your potential value to employers in a clear and concise way. It is important to create a letter that is specific and uses clearly articulated examples and descriptions. A good letter focuses on qualities the employer wants and addresses these requirements effectively, answering the question of why YOU are qualified for the job. Demonstrating your individual value is the key to compelling the reader into calling you back.
  • Demonstrate Enthusiasm: Employers want driven and passionate individuals that aren’t just there to work, but are there to progress the company’s mission. It is crucial to demonstrate that you are excited about being part of this mission, and there are several ways to do so. Online networking with individuals and employees at the company is a good way to show enthusiasm and explain why you want to work with them. Passion and drive can also be conveyed through your cover letter, and networking is always a beneficial, persuasive supplement.

Selling yourself is an increasingly important skill in the modern day cutthroat job market. With these practices, you can effectively reposition yourself in a way that stands out of the crowd and catches the attention of your potential employers.