Advancing Your Career

Changing careers can be exhilarating, but involves significant time and effort dedicated to the preparation and development of other abilities. Usually, skills from different jobs are transferable to new careers. For example, moving from a job as a school tutor to a corporate coach or from a job as a sales associate to one in fundraising can involve much of the same skill set. On the other hand, moving from jobs in technology to jobs in criminal justice may necessitate more formalized certification of skills. Still, there are many ways to make a career transition as smooth as possible. Here are a few:

  1. Online Learning: Online learning can benefit your career transition process through two different methods. The first method can educate you on the foundational aspects of your new career without including an exam or certificate. It can function as an introduction to the more intensive instruction you may already be considering in your transition. This method caters to your own speed and gives you the ability to explore the material in any order. The second method involves online education provided by an accredited college or training school. At the end of your course, you will receive credits that can go towards a degree or certificate. Either of these methods can be employed to bolster your resume.
  2. Workshops and Seminars: They can range from a day to a week in length and provide important knowledge and training for career-related skills. They can also give you a direction to continue your study or research within the field.
  3. College Level Study: Coaching on the college level will always result in the acquirement of credits or an accredited degree. College classes can be a time commitment due to the need for attendance at classes. Some colleges or universities have the opportunity for weekend courses or combine face-to-face and online learning. These classes can have first-hand job experience or have specific coaching programs for the career of your choice. Different schools have different programs, so it is important to take the time in examining the options you may have.

Transitioning careers can be stressful, time consuming, and intimidating. However, utilizing the above resources can really transform your career-changing experience. Whichever field you want to move into, there is an option for you to gain the skills necessary for the job.